College Senior Session | Columbus State University | Whitni Class of 2017

I know it’s what all of us Mom’s say when our children have reached another milestone in their lives, but it seems just like yesterday she was graduating Kindergarten and now look at her! My sweet Whitni, my second born, where to even begin with how proud I am of you? I have watched you grow into such a remarkable women. In all of your growing one thing has remained constant, your kind spirit. No matter what has been thrown at you, no matter what spell of chaos our lives have gone through, no matter what trials and tribulations you have faced, you have always stood still and listened to God and let him move through you. Your obedience to him and your willingness to go through whatever door he opens and to understand whatever door he closes is what has landed you where are today.  You will soon graduate with your Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and I know you will do great things in this field with your desire to help children through it. I know my Daddy is so proud of you and smiling down from heaven as you are the first in our family to follow in his footsteps and do something in the law field. Your patience and understanding for others will serve you well in this new venture of life. You are truly one of the best people I know and our world is definitely better because you are in it. I will stop now before I turn into a full on blubbering mess, but just know how incredibly proud we are of you and all you have accomplished. Keep God first and everything else will fall into place. I love you… all of it!


  1. Haley says:

    As beautiful and as sweet of a spirit as she was in kindergarten! Congrats Whit-whit! ❤

  2. Robin McGuffey says:


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