Mountain Engagement | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Deanna + Donnie

We took an adventure to Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Georgia for the perfect sunset engagement session. Deanna and Donnie were so much fun, as you will be able to tell in these photos! They were so playful with each other and were game for whatever we suggested, even the two outfits (inside joke) and the longer than expected walk to a lake in the park. A fellow photographer and friend

A fellow photographer and friend Chasity Posey Photography came along with me to shoot a little video of the session and some behind the scenes action for me. I always love working and networking with others in this industry and when she asked to come along on a shoot with me I was so excited to have her on this one.  I hope we work together again soon because we worked great together! Here is the video from Chasity Posey Photography that captured this couple PERFECTLY! Here are the words from Deanna when I sent it to her; “I just cried!!! Oh my gawsh!! That’s amazing!!!! That literally made me fall in love with him even more!” Now that is the kind of emotion we as photographers LOVE!  We can’t wait to see what Chasity does for their wedding! I’m looking forward to teaming up with her in September for their big day!

Come along on our hike up and down the beautiful white granite rocks of one of only three monadnocks (an isolated exposed rock hill) in Georgia; Stone Mountain and Panola Mountain are the other two.  The white rocks were the perfect reflectors of the golden sunset and we established burgundy is definitely their color! To our excitement, it will also be one of the colors in their wedding in September. I can’t wait to capture that special day with them but for now here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.

Video by Chasity Posey Photography 2017

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