Greenhouse Mercantile Newnan, GA – Local Feature

There is so much to love about my little hometown but one of my favorite things is our town square. There are so many quaint shops with so many unique items and services being offered. If you’re ever passing through be sure to stop and pay Kenya a visit at Greenhouse Mercantile, you won’t be sorry. She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, and her store is pretty amazing!

Greenhouse Mercantile is located on 6 East Washington Street in downtown Newnan, Georgia. Kenya strongly believes in supporting the talent of local artisans. She operates by this mission statement, “Greenhouse Mercantile is a collection of curated goods…a lifestyle store filled with all the things we love. We believe in products that last a lifetime. We support the makers. Greenhouse Mercantile is pro-America. It’s pro-local artists. It’s pro-Fair Trade. It’s products that make a difference and give back…Products that you can buy and be proud of. It is a sanctuary for people that seek out the un-ordinary. It is a reminder to people that past objects should never be forgotten. It is proof that prayer and faith work. It is a feeling.”  I saw this first hand as Kenya waited on a customer who was from out of state here visiting a friend who was in end stage terminal cancer. Kenya listened attentively to this lady and showed genuine care and concern as she told her story of her best friend who was not doing well and needed prayers. Kenya hugged the customer as she was leaving and told her she would keep them in her prayers, and I believe she did just that.

I promise you will leave with a smile on your face after visiting! Oh and she makes a mean cup of coffee, one of the best around! So stop in and say hello!




  1. Linda says:

    It looks like a fabulous place with wonderful natural light.

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