Featured Artist | Holly Carton | Dreamer Collection

I love working with other creatives and learning about their artistic processes. Holly Carton is an amazingly talented artist in Bowie MD. I love her intricate and unexpected details in the head of each piece. I love anything butterfly related, so that one is my favorite!
From the artist ” My process is pretty loose; I’m usually deciding colors and details as I go, instead of before I start working. Typically I would draw the face, and then from the mood of the face, I would choose colors and flora/fauna to go along with what I thought they were communicating. Each of the pieces is meant to be more than just a pretty portrait; they’re sort of like artistic ‘motivator posters’.”

There is so much detail in all of her pieces and I loved photographing them to showcase her talent. You can find more of Holly’s work on Instagram @hollycarton; Facebook Holly Carton: Fine Art and Illustration  or by visiting her web page. Go show her some love!

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