My husband is a Power Lineman, just recently promoted to General Foreman, when the lights go out he works long hard hours to help restore them. 
Together we have 4 children. 2 are married, 1 is engaged and the youngest will be getting his drivers license soon! We love spending as much time together as we can! My best days are those when I can see or talk to each of them. 
We just recently welcomed a new addition to our family, sweet little Caden! So I now am a Kanni, and I love that sweet boy more than he knows. He is 16 hours away so any tips on racking up airline miles, please send them my way!  

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Hey y'all I'm Kandi! I believe I have found my life's purpose and what truly makes my soul sing. My heart's passion is to help others, and one of the most impactful ways I have found is creating and capturing memories that last a lifetime. 

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If you're interested in taking your Photography to the next level I would love to help you take those steps. From social media tips to camera and editing basics. Contact me today for mentoring information. Mentoring sessions are based on your needs and experience and include head shots. 

I also love collaborating and working with other creatives! Would love to grab coffee and chat! 

When I was little all I ever wanted to be was a teacher, but life got in the way and I took a different path. The desire to help others learn and grow has never gone away, especially now in this industry! 

So for 2018 I'm excited to announce I've launched my first workshop focusing on details and styling of a wedding day. Details are my favorite and I can't wait to share some tips with you! 

A workshop for photographers